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Alternative splicing is an important cellular process in eukaryotes, altering pre-mRNA to yield multiple protein isoforms from a single gene. To enhance our understanding of the impact of alternative splicing events on protein structures, we employed AlphaFold 2, a cutting-edge protein structure prediction tool, to comprehensively analyze alternative splicing for ~ 3,300 human genes (3,300 canonical isoforms and 6,900 alternative isoforms). ASpdb offers a user-friendly platform to access a wealth of information on human alternative splicing, including detailed protein structure data, sequence variations, structural attributes, and functional annotations. We also performed comparative analyses of structural alterations between canonical and alternative isoforms post-splicing, providing insights into their potential biological impacts. Our diverse analyses released through ASpdb will shed light on the identification of the relationships between alternative splicing, evolution, and human disease.

Overviewof ASpdb analysis pipeline - 1. Gene summary and AS summary. 2. Protein AS isoform 3D structures. 3. Comparison of protein AS isoform 3D structures. 4. Protein-Protein Interactions and clinical relevance.
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