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To have a better understanding of the conservative or condition-specific translation systems and to fill the gap of lack of knowledge on the translation process in humans, systematic analytic studies of human translation factors are essential. TranslFac, a knowledgebase of human translation factors in cancer, provides multiple genomic/ epigenomic/ phenotypic landscapes and aberrations in cancer of individual 617 human translation factors obtained from the translation process of Gene Ontology (GO:0006412). TranslFac is the unique resource for the systematic annotations of human translation factors. We will continue to update TranslFac by integrating suitable ribosome binding data appeared in the future.

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Examples: Gene symbol: EIF5A1, Entrez gene ID: 1984
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GO:0006412 (translation, itself, 607)
- GO:0006417 (regulation of translation, child term, 403)
- GO:0005840 (ribosome, child term, 160)
- GO:0017148 (negative regulation of translation, child term, 150)
- GO:0045727 (positive regulation of translation, child term, 137)
- GO:0002181 (cytoplasmic translation, child term, 136)
- GO:0006413 (translational initiation, child term, 121)
- GO:0008135 (translation factor activity, RNA binding, child term, 85)
- GO:0032543 (mitochondrial translation, child term, 72)
- GO:0006414 (translational elongation, child term, 56)
- GO:0006418 (tRNA aminoacylation for protein translation, child term, 45)
- GO:0006415 (translational termination, child term, 18)
- GO:1990145 (maintenance of translational fidelity, child term, 2)
- GO:0006614 (SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane, child term, 1)
- GO:0043143 (regulation of translation by machinery localization, child term, 1)
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Kinases (26)  Transcription factors (18) 
Cancer Gene Census (31)  Tumor suppressors (32) 
IUPHAR drug targets (48)  Cell metabolism genes (173) 
Human essential genes (471)  Epigenetic factors (20)